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A House, A Home


There aren’t very many occasions when The San Francisco Chronicle gives me a chance to write something nice. But this Sunday they did just that.
EARN, a local organization that helps low-income families save money to buy homes, got a glowing write-up in the paper. It’s a good thing, too because EARN – which has the top ad over there on the right hand side of the page – is having a fundraising drive this month. It’s one of two San Francisco non-profits raising money in a “competition” sponsored by
Now, there’s almost nothing harder than asking someone to give money in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. But efforts to get low-income families into housing are among the most neglected here in San Francisco, indeed across California. So EARN’s work – while it won’t directly help folks like those evacuated and left homeless by the hurricane – will start a lot of local residents on the path to middle-class stability.
So if you can give something, please consider a donation: Click the button on the right and learn more.

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