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Tourist Tips: Updated


In a rare – and to be treasured – moment of harmony, Mr. Trevino and I are in agreement about something: China. Both of us think that letting business folks forge U.S. policy toward the Chinese is a bad idea. You can read what I’ve said here. But you can read Josh today, here.
Ms. Klosky also celebrates harmony – sort of – with a married woman’s view of gay marriage and how premarital hardship might not be such a bad thing.
Also, Christopher Brauchli weighs in on New Orleans and Plan B. No, not the Plan B the administration should have had but didn’t. The other one. For girls. That’s here.
Also, over at eWeek, brand new today, I’m holding forth on Progressive libertarians and how Katrina is forcing, er, encouraging people working on the web to look at their efforts in a new, broader light. That column pivots off two important posts we’ve seen in the past two weeks: Jeff Jarvis’ “Recovery 2.0: A Call to Convene” and Doc Searls’ “War on Error.”
If you haven’t read them, please do. They are – intentionally or not – companion pieces and read together, not necessarily as ‘to-do’ lists but as documents underpinning a way of looking at the world – which is what politics embodies – they are timely and compelling. Almost as important: They are written by two men who can get things done.
Enjoy. And, as always, thanks for reading.

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