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Growing Up


It’s our birthday week. So we’re giving YOU presents.
Our most recent addition, Ms. Deborah Klosky who is based in Southern California, debuts today. And if you’re coming to BlogHer – and who isn’t? – this weekend, you can meet her and chat her up, too.
Deb – who has many years of reporting experience here and in Western Europe – is going to write about domestic policy. Really domestic. As in household.
Her job is to add some sense – and a lot of humor – to a field of writing that’s woefully under-represented in our media culture: The stay-at-home Mom. The ones who don’t have household help and really enjoy spending time with their children.
So check out today’s post about China and that special place in some homes that Deb has dubbed the “Toy Cave.”
Mr. Christopher Brauchli has also weighed in – as he’ll do almost every Thursday – with a few thoughts on China and the U.S.
And Trevino: Well, he shellacked me earlier this week. And he did it well, too. Have a look.

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