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It’s Our Party


Guess what?
This site is two years old today. This very day.
Here’s the first post:
Here’s the most recent, by Mr. Trevino.
In a few days, we’ll be adding another writer, the talented Ms. Deborah Klosky who will be joining us just in time for the sold-out BlogHer confab this Saturday in Santa Clara. And I hope you’re also reading Christopher Brauchli, who appears here on Thursdays.
But as they say on late-night TV ads, there’s more! Much more.
In a few weeks, we’re going to get the website equivalent of a facelift and a tummy tuck (a new name, a new logo, some widgets, gizmos and bells to make it easier to find us and to find new writers) and after that, we should be ready to greet the world again.
So thank you. And keep reading!

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