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Dear, Dear Kevin


Kevin Drum, Mr. Political Animal, wonders if he should attend Blogher, the woman-run conference on blogging scheduled for the end of this month. He’s a little worried. Given the history here, I can’t say I blame him.
This gives me a wonderful chance to state the obvious about this conference: IT IS NOT FOR WOMEN ONLY. Not only are men welcome — a statement that it seems absurd to have to make – but some are planning to attend. So you will have company, Kevin.
This gives me the chance to make another observation: If you are a man who likes code and software and things that plug in, and is perhaps having trouble finding a girl who likes Java (and knows it’s not just a coffee) and undersands your inner Geek, this might be the PERFECT place for you to spend a summer afternoon.
The ratio at most tech conferences is hugely biased toward men. That will assuredly not be the case here.
Anyway, here’s what I left as a comment over at Drum’s site. Chime in down there. Let’s see if we can’t move the man.

Kevin, this is such a no-brainer, I’m ashamed of you.
Blogher has a terrible name, I agree (and I’m on the advisory board) but it’s a fabulous chance to hang around with a bunch of smart, tech-savvy women who are going to be spending a lot of time talking about blogging and writing on-line and, well, Kevin, some of them even have cats.
And I think you’ll be very surprised to see that this is NOT a convention about “why it’s unfair that men run the world.” Nor is it a “sisterhood-only” event. It’s for EVERYONE.
If I were you, I’d fly up Friday, take a cab from the SJ Airport to the Westin, crash the BlogerHer speakers’ dinner (you can come as my date, big guy), kick back and have a good time, realizing that the on-line movement pioneered by guys like you has thrived, spread and is now opening up to a whole new generation of writers who should be encouraged, welcomed and praised.
What’s NOT to like about this Kevin? Huh? What?

Registration for the conference — which is close to being sold out — ends on July 25. So hurry, boys, hurry.
UPDATE: Mr. Drum – who said his mother told him to come – will, in fact, be joining us at BlogHer. Dan Gilmor won’t but says he wishes he could. Uber nerd Craig Newmark has also given BlogHer his endorsment. And the Pope of the Internet Instapundit Glenn Reynolds has sent us thousands of views. Thanks, guys.

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