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Still Going


Josh Trevino is still in the U.K. and he’s still writing.
Here’s his latest post. Another winner.
Let me emphasize again how talented this guy is: Writing is hard. Writing under pressure is harder. Doing it well: That’s talent.
UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan has a round up of Brit reaction. It’s interesting to contrast his and his countrymen’s reactions. The English, long accustom to the IRA and its threats aren’t exactly taking the bombings in stride. Who would? But they’re not flinching either.
The tone and tenor as Sullivan is serving it up is remarkably different. It is more like the attitude that Californians have about earthquakes: Yes, they happen (we had a little shake very early this morning, if I’m not mistaken). But being prepared – now you know why the Scotish police have such lovely riot gear – is a large part of dealing with the problem. Security in Europe is serious business. That is not the case in this country.
Europeans have lived with terrorism pretty steadily since the end of World War II. The IRA in London. The Basques in Spain. The Red Brigade in Italy. The Germans had Baader-Meinhof. They recognize – and Americans don’t appreciate this as fully as they should – that the terror never ends. But fear – fear can be put in its place.

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