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I’m not so sure this was a riot. For me, a riot should involve tear gas and fire. Which we may still see if – as I suspect he will – President Bush turns aside British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s entreaties to reduce Africa’s debt.
No, I’d say yesterday’s Edinburgh street-scuffle was your average Euro-student protest summertime run-in with the cops. But Josh Trevino, in search of a Wifi connection stumbled right into it. Actually, Josh was looking for a Starbucks but as any San Franciscan can tell you – we may be the only city in America that has breathing self-proclaimed anarchists still roaming the streets – anarchists love to trash Starbucks and Mickie Dee’s. It’s their hobby.
In any event, Josh’s posts from Scotland – as always – are well worth your time. To quote Emma Goldman: “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.”
And check out the picture of the horses in riot gear. This is now my screensaver, I love this photo so much. The Boy Scouts got nothing on the Scottish police.
Here’s another great photo to warm my old news hound’s heart: Riot cops at the ready with the nonplussed Scot in the background.

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