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Rattle and Hum


Those of you with Geek tendencies may have noticed two things – not unrelated – about this site in the past few days. One, I haven’t written much and two, there’s another writer’s name appearing on the RSS feed for Politics From Left to Right.
As I said, not unrelated. I’ve made several references in the past few months to the work we’re doing here behind the “magic curtain.” Well, it’s time to raise it a bit.
Please welcome Josh Trevino to Politics From Left to Right. Josh knows how to make an entrance: he is one of a handful of writers or bloggers going to Edinburgh, Scotland today to cover Live8 at the G8, the International Media Extravaganza of the Summer. Our pals at Technorati hooked us up. So we thank Mr. Sifry and Mr. Hirshberg.
Josh started his on-line career as the pro-Iraqi war blogger Tacitus and was one of the co-founders of He thinks Ronald Reagan is one of our greatest presidents. He’s conservative, anti-abortion and thought Congress did the right thing in the Terri Schiavo case. In short, there’s almost nothing about which Josh and I agree politically.
But here’s what matters: He writes honestly and well; he is smart and sincere. His coverage of the events in Scotland – he started yesterday with a good, solid post about the purpose of these sort of mega-events — is both smart, original and dead-on. Josh has traveled extensively in Africa as part of his work in public health so he doesn’t just know the issues, he’s seen them first hand. Oh, and did I mention that he’s not much on movie stars?
Josh will be filing through the week and I can’t wait.

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