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Something interesting is going on with local TV stations and the on-line world. A few weeks ago San Francisco’s KRON had a bunch of us virtually ink-stained wenches over for chips and diet coke.
J.D. Lasica shot some footage along with the KRON gang and a few folks have mentioned that they’ve seen me on the tube talking about this thing I do here at Politics From Left to Right so I thought I’d put the links up so you guys can share in the fun.
KRON is looking for folks to help them better cover the San Francisco Bay Area. They made no bones about that. They’re copying some of the work that’s been done – under the guidance of consultant Terry Heaton – in Nashville.
It’s interesting to see TV folks nosing around this area. On-line video – as J.D. is demonstrating on his own site and at – has a lot of promise. And the very structure of TV station hiring – it relies on contractors as much as employees, a very different set-up from the way newspapers operate – creates a different sort of environment. For stand-alone journalists working in any medium, this could be very, very good news.
That’s a bit off in the future, however.
More immediately, if you want to hear more about stand alone journalism you can tune into “San Francisco/Unscripted” this evening at 7:30 to hear and see me chatting with the show’s host Art Bruzzone. It will air again on Thursday at 6:30 p.m., Friday at 8 p.m and Saturday at 8:30 p.m. on Comcast San Francisco’s channel 11.

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