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Child Abuse


Last week, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said it had arrested group of men in Lodi, CA on immigration violations. The men, says the bureau, have ties to terrorists and today, two were charged with lying to federal officials.
Also, today, the New York Times tells the story of a Queens girl who was deported. Why? She’s suspected of either supporting terrorism or being sympathetic to Islamic fundamentalism or, more likely, of just being an American teenager.
The girl in Queens is 16. She was returned to Bangladesh, a country she has not lived in since she was 5 years old and whose language she does not speak. She and her mother – who volunteered to go with the girl, leaving her husband and sons here in the U.S. – must live with relatives.
The Lodi case rests on the interviews the FBI conducted with a 22-year-old American born in Pakistan hauled off a plane in Tokyo because his name showed up on a “watch list” after the plane took off. Of course, Sen. Ted Kennedy and Rep. John Lewis were on those same lists. But hey, they’re not 19-year-olds with funny names.
According to some accounts, the boy’s father wore a recording device at the FBI’s behest during conversations with three other men – Pakistanis, not U.S. citizens living in Lodi – who were charged last week with immigration violations. The three men, including a father and his 19-year-old son, are in jail in Santa Clara.
See a pattern here? Not a pretty one, huh?

In the search for terrorism, the FBI is using the full weight of its authority to track down the activities of children, the sons and daughters of recent immigrants, the very people these new arrivals have come here to help find a better life. This, in an administration run by a man who describes the carousing, drinking and partying he did into his late ’30′s as youthful indiscretion, you know, wild oats. Like all boys sow.
And you wonder why the rest of the world thinks Americans are naïve and childlike?
Here’s a paragraph from the Times story that should become boilerplate on all reports of supposed terrorist activity written by all newspapers across the country forevermore:

“Pasquale J. D’Amuro, who headed the New York F.B.I. office until April, said that since 9/11, agents have had to err on the side of suspicion. More potential threats are being reported, he said, and every one must be thoroughly investigated through whatever avenues are legally available, including enlisting immigration authorities as soon as a noncitizen is under scrutiny.
“The alarm bells are going off,” said Mr. D’Amuro, now the chief executive of Giuliani Security and Safety, a consulting company. “And we have each and every time to run those threats to the ground, whether it ends up to be a bogus threat or proceeds to some type of prosecutorial action.”
Some cases are never resolved, he added. Even when suspicions prove unfounded, he said, any visa violations are already in the hands of immigration authorities, who have to bring them “to some type of closure.”
But Mike German, who left the bureau a year ago after a long career chasing homegrown terror suspects, said that the agency’s new emphasis on collecting intelligence rather than criminal evidence has opened the door to more investigations that go “in the wrong direction.”
“If all these chat rooms are being monitored, and we’re running down all these people because of what they’re saying in chat rooms, then these are resources we’re not using on real threats,” said Mr. German, who has publicly complained that F.B.I. management problems impeded terror investigations after 9/11.”

This isn’t law enforcement. This is harassment. It’s profiling and it’s meant to inflict the maximum amount of pain and anguish on parents – many of whom struggled long and hard to get to this country – and their children. Usually, these folks make the best Americans. But this administration is doing its level best to see they become disenchanted and resentful. Makes you proud, doesn’t it?
Oh, and while I’m on the subject: The San Francisco Chronicle devoted a lot of space and a lot of years to investigating the role that the FBI played in harassing professors and students at the University of California at Berkeley in the 1960′s. The 1960s.
How about a little real-time footwork boys?

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