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Enough About You…..


Hey, wanna know some of what’s going on behind the magic curtain here? Take a gander at this interview I did with Paul Bass, contributor to a bunch of on-line political journalism projects on the East Coast.
Cool, huh?
Also, take a look at Peter Daou’s Last Best Chance site plugging the docudrama. Daou’s a friend of all on-line writers but he’s also a serious international peace-nik who does a great job of urging us to look outside our borders.
Also, here in San Francisco, I’ll be talking about some of what I’m doing and what other folks are doing in two different – really different venues. The first, is a breakfast (!) on “blogs” and “blogging” sponsored by BusinessWire at the Santa Clara TechMart on June 9. On June 14th, I’ll be part of a panel discussion on that very same topic (imagine….) hosted by the Northern California Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists at the London Wine Bar on Sansone Street.
Your choices again: Talking about blogging with eggs and coffee or talking about blogging with wine and cheese. It’s a new feature of interactive media: We talk, you decide where you want to hear us.

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