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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who’s the Biggest Jerk of All?


It’s not worth asking what took them so long (the answer is fear. Fear of not having enough money to run for office) but the San Francisco Board of Supervisors finally voted to stand up to Residential Bully, er Builders Association Chief Joe O’Donaghue and condemn his and his members’ sexist diatribe against Acting City Building Inspector Amy Lee.
What did Residential Bully Joe do? Turned right around and called Supervisor Aaron Peskin – not a tall man – an “angry dwarf.” Then he called Peskin, who sponsored the legislation, a “Heinrich Peskin.” Peskin’s Jewish and O’Donoghue’s reference was to Nazi henchman Heinrich Himmler, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.
Nice guy O’Donoghue. I’m related to racist blarney-spewing creeps like this and it’s enough to make me choke on my corn beef and cabbage. Good thing St. Patty’s isn’t for almost another year.
The vote was unanimous. But Supervisor Chris Daly – another of the city’s fashion statement “progressives” who likes to use the “f-word” when addressing the audience at public hearings and other events — said he had to think long and hard about voting in favor of the measure.
Here’s his conversation with The Chron:

Daly, a usual O’Donoghue ally, said he had written up a list of people he thought were equally worthy of condemnation.
“The list was quite long,” Daly said. “I thought about putting forward a series of resolutions condemning a series of San Franciscans that I think have acted in bad faith.”
Instead, he gave his yes vote Tuesday along with a word of caution against “opening up floodgates on whom we condemn and whom we don’t.”

Hmmm. Imagine that. Now, I had a black kettle around here. Where’d I put it?

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