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Other Places, Same Faces


A change may be as good as a rest although, I must confess, it doesn’t really feel that way.
Over at eWeek, the column is about John Markoff’s new, cool book, “What The Dormouse Said: How the 60s Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer Industry” Markoff, one of the few people on the New York Times editorial staff who is loved by the people he covers and those he competes against, does a great job in this book which I think might be his best one yet.
It publishes today which means you can buy it now and if you’re reading this from anywhere in Silicon Valley, and you’re not in this book, there is someone you know in this book. Don’t get left out!
I have a nice long well-edited (thank you, Professor Rosen) post about this thing I call stand alone journalism over at Jay Rosen’s PressThink.
Why there, not here? Rosen teaches at New York University’s Journalism School and is well read by media folks. Some of you regular readers are interested in what we do on this side of the curtain but not all of you are so it seemed more appropriate for the detailed discussion about this aspect of the news business – the how and where it fits, the what we’ve done and where we’re going – to take place on a site dedicated to that purpose.
It’s also a demo of sorts. The idea that one reader can get all their information from one place on the web – a hold-over from newspapers – is slowly but surely fading away. As RSS replaces book-marking, it will go for good. Posting for Rosen is a good a example of that shift.

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