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Sticks and Stones?


It seems that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors resolution condemning San Francisco political bully Joe O’Donoghue has gotten referred to committee. In other words, the board couldn’t or wouldn’t vote to tell O’Donoghue and his trash-talking sexist membership to be more civil in public.
You remember Joe, he’s the guy who doesn’t think pregnant Amy Lee should run his precious Building Inspections Department. Of course, she’s been on the job now for six years and this is her third kid but there’s a white guy who wants the gig and Joe and his buddies think he should have gotten the nod.
Who pulled the measure to condemn O’Donoghue? Supervisor Bevan Dufty, who represents Noe Valley and the Castro. Dufty, whose political support in San Francisco comes from the city’s business-minded gay community and downtown – the same group that’s behind Mayor Gavin Newsom — says he’s worried about the wording in the resolution.
Well, here’s some wording you can really worry about, Bevan. Substitute the words “gay” and “homosexual” for the words “women” and “pregnant” in the comments made by O’Donoguhue’s thugs. Things sound very different now, don’t they, to you and your supporters?
Here’s an example from the testimony made against Lee:

One self-employed builder took the mike to say he knows how debilitating homosexuality can be because his wife is gay and she can no longer help him with his billings.
“My wife refers to it as ‘gay brain.’ Her mind is on other things, ” he said. “I ask you today, are you going to replace this man with ‘homosexual brain’?
“That’s not disrespect. That’s just a metaphor. But when you’re gay, that’s all the hormones are about. I’m just making the point.”
And yet another man: “The facts are I was there when my kids were born. I know what goes on. You don’t have to be a homosexual to understand. Amy is going to have to take some medical leave. What’s going to happen then?”

Here’s another reason to stay up at night, Bevan: Noe Valley, San Francisco’s yuppie central, has a lot of two-career families. That’s a lot of working women who have to put up with different versions of what the RBA was dishing out for most of their professional lives. Let’s hope they have good memories.

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