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Blame the Girl


There’s something in the water over there at The Chron. Girls, girls girls!
Today’s entry is just as maddening as last week’s account of Joe O’Donoghue’s gang of concerned misogynists.
“Who killed Social Security overhaul?” writes The Chron’s Carolyn Lockhead. ” A: Harry Reid. B: George W. Bush. C: AARP. D: Monica Lewinsky. Answer: D.”

Monica Lewinsky, the young woman who had an affair with a married president, killed Social Security reform? I didn’t realize she was that smart. Or that her skills lay in the legislative arena. I was under the impression these attributes are part of her not inconsiderable charm.
Monica-bashing is a great hobby for political reporters in Washington, D.C. This sisterly coven is led by Maureen Dowd who’s been known to pick up her pen to mock Lewinsky’s choice of underwear styles and her pretensions about her affair with Bill Clinton. Hey, if you were a 20-something having an affair with the president, you’d probably have pretensions, too. Not to mention thongs. Only in Washington can a woman’s undies choice make her a dubious character.
As Lewinsky herself has pointed out with surprising determination since she was hauled in by the FBI, she wasn’t the married one. And there was nothing inherently shameful in her affair with Clinton. She made a flirty offer and he accepted. But from there, the schedule was his call, in some cases literally. You can’t have an affair with the president of the United States of America unless he’s a willing partner; I don’t care how sexy your underwear is. It’s a reality that’s been conveniently ignored in any talk about the former White House intern.
It’s source is easy to trace. When the affair was discovered, the Clintons – Hillary and Bill — launched a scarlet woman campaign, attacking Lewinsky’s mental stability, her virtue and her motives with a rancor that anyone with any sense would find objectionable. It’s stuck, too. Read Lockhead’s lead again.
Monica Lewinsky didn’t kill the Democrat’s chances at Social Security reform. Bill Clinton’s decision to have an affair with a not-to-smart Hollywood-bred doctor’s daughter, with a healthy post-60′s view of her own sexuality (and a willingness to talk about it) killed his chances at reform. Let’s get that straight and stop blaming this woman for something she didn’t do.

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