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Watching Sausage Get Made


The San Francisco Board of Supervisors will take up its campaign and election law reforms today. The measure is not expected to pass – go ahead, blogosphere, breathe a sigh of relief – but it’s not going to get pulled either. Instead, there’s going to be a lot of back and forth over what it means and who it will effect, which supporters hope will assuage critics. There’ll be some talk about future amendments but I wouldn’t hold my breathe on that.

This is a panacea designed mostly to make a dumb and poorly written piece of legislation look good to the folks who care the most about it. But it’s not a completely cynical one. Earlier this year, the board had a serious conversation about giving full-fledged press credentials to on-line writers and reporters – bloggers – and it demonstrated no rancor or befuddlement as it had that conversation. And it’s always been clear to me that the board would allow on-line writers and reporters to use the press exemption. For these reasons, I haven’t gotten panicked about this proposal. I’m not happy about having to fight City Hall for the right to do my job, but I’m perfectly willing to do it. And while the San Francisco Board of Supervisors may not be totally clued in, they’re not wandering around in the dark, either. If you had to read the San Francisco Chronicle or the Bay Guardian for your local political news, you’d be looking for something new, too.
An example? Today’s Chron bears no mention of what has to have been a Slashdot meltdown at City Hall this weekend. It’s not often that the boys at the keyboards (thanks for stopping by, guys, come back, ya hear!) takes after the wired-and-clueless but I’m betting this is going to happen more and more often. It’ll be interesting to see how, or even if, the local papers play catch-up.
Okay. I’m off to City Hall — where I plan to sit in the press section. More later.

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