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Needed: A Prayer Before Dying


Vigils are supposed to be quiet, contemplative occasions where the seriousness of what’s at hand – dying – is well, taken seriously.
That’s anything but the case in Pinellas Park, Fla., where Terri Schiavo is expiring. Tape from last night’s Olberman show was pretty scary and I’m not someone who normally shies away from the spectacle created by a media circus; I’ve helped out once or twice.
But this is a new level. Folks are being bussed in to hold up signs for the TV cameras. The school down the street has closed for the week, temporarily disbursing its students to other schools for a week. The Schiavo case has become a media circus on speed. Politicians fueled this zealotry — on both sides — with false hope by flouting the law and creating an environment where the end of a life can be taken and exploited to an unseemly extreme. This is not the footage you’re used to seeing from the U.S.
And let’s just say – because someone should – that it’s a good thing Terri Schiavo didn’t die on Easter Sunday. That’s a Molotov cocktail of politics and religion that we’ve only barely and perhaps only temporarily avoided.

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