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It’s a holiday weekend – and it’s sunny out here in San Francisco, after a week of rain – so things are going to slow down here for a bit. Besides, my slugging arm hurts.
A few notes before we go. This has been a banner week, in terms of traffic and pages served. That 75,000 readers I cited on Tuesday? We’re going to blow through that like a knife through butter.
But this isn’t just your go-to site for feminist rants (although if you want to read about women and on-line writing, it’s there for the browsing). We do other stuff.
For instance, yesterday I noted the political benefits accruing to Gov. Jeb Bush from the Terri Schiavo case. Today’s New York Times chimes in on the same theme. This is what my Silicon Valley friends call “value add.” I call it a reason to keep reading.
Even if we do have the ocassional glitch. We’re working on the technical problems with IE and AOL browsers. Promise.
As I said, it’s been a banner week. Thanks are in order to Mr. Glenn Reynolds – if your writing on line, Instapundit is as good a pointer as the finger of God — and, I think, to Newsweek’s Steven Levy who graciously put this site on the magazine’s weekly web update.
See you Monday!

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