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Hey, take our new readers’ survey!
Click on the little clock thingy over there on the right and answer the questions. Our advertisers will thank you and so, indirectly, will I. And since I know the site’s demographics – that’s you sister – it would be more than helpful if you girlie readers respond in force.
BUG REPORT: There are some reports of trouble with the survey. Let me know if this happens to you and be sure to include the kind of web browser you’re using. Thanks!
Also, yeah, I need to update my “worth a click” list of things to read on the web since there are now many not-so-reciprocal links to this site. It’s on the list.
And profound apologies to any of you who tried to use the email address listed on the site last week. Melva, the proof-reading intern was away. She caught the error but only after a helpful and determined reader wrote in and pointed out her mistake. So we fired her. Today’s address works.
Oh, and what’s with the emails asking if I want to be listed as a “female conservative” writer? The female part is correct but uh, conservative? Me? Only in San Francisco.

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