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If the “blogosphere” is an individual medium as Jeff Jarvis says today on his site in response to comments about women going unnoticed by their (okay, our) male colleagues then how come he’s always on TV? Isn’t that a mass medium?
And how come he rounds up comments and links from other sites to talk about on TV and presents it as a public service – which it surely is – for readers as well as those writing on-line? Because TV is a great way to spread the word about individuals to a larger number of people, that’s why. This is indeed a medium of individual voices, but it has a few gatekeepers.
UPDATE: Proving there’s nothing more charming than a little old-fashioned honesty, Jeff Jarvis answers my question and make several good points. Oh, and he makes a nice comment about the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd, too. She’d probably get a lot more dates if she spent a lot less time gleefully writing up “scientific” evidence of men’s stupidity.

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