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1) There are many reason to like Keith Olberman. He has nice suits. He runs a TiVo-friendly newscast. He turned down the chance to anchor Martha Stewart’s jail break. And his show’s coverage of Michael Jackson’s trial is thoroughly, completely and utterly over-the-top. As it should be. Olberman’s also funny. And smart. But there’s another good reason. When he leaves the anchor chair, he lets a smart-mouthed broad – a woman just like him — sit in. It’s nice.
It would be nicer, however, if Olberman’s blog actually linked to something in his sometimes amusing “Bloggerman.” Hyperlinks, baby, they’re the pinetar of on-line writing.
2) This site is a Michael Jackson Trial-free zone.
3) Seen Matt Smith’s last column in our local free SFWeekly? It’s about the tense relations between the city’s downtown business community and the so-called “progressive” element of city politics. A nice local issue, not a lot of new ground covered unless you’re a Democrat living outside San Francisco with a passing interest in the post-Silicon Valley career of once high-flying Democratic pol Wade Randlett.
Randlett, subject of Sarah Miles’ book “How to Hack A Party Line” – a book known less formally as “Wade’s World” — has been running an outfit called SFSOS. I’ve been on the warpath once or twice about the group for their race-baiting “wedge issue” politicking. Now Smith weighs in detailing the monkey business Randlett’s been up to this past year or so. Smith’s a bit out of date, however. Financier Warren Hellman and Sen. Dianne Feinstein are no longer SFSOS backers.
4)Chuck Thompson, long-time announcer for my beloved Baltimore Orioles died earlier this week. I’m sure he had his hat on when he went, too. Speaking of which, opening day here at Giant’s stadium is coming up……

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