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I Got You, Babe


Postings will be a touch light around here for the next day or so.
I’m under the weather although, thankfully, I don’t have the flu which, according to my doctor “makes you wish you were dead.”
Those of you in need of a strong feminist rant can head on over to Kirsten Power’s newly revived site and read what she has to say about David Brooks’ column in today’s NYTimes.
I had a similar reaction to Powers when I read Brooks’ silliness about separate bank accounts for spouses. It’s not good for marriages, says BoBo man. Well, it’s long been a credo of the women’s movement that women should control their own money and it’s a statement of how far we’ve gotten from that idea that even a conservative like Brooks doesn’t even bother to take that kind of thinking into account.
Women – specifically mothers — left the Democratic party during this last election. And that move has bred a kind of complacency among Republicans. Why Democrats are squandering this with silly quarrels about whether the party should ditch its pro-choice politics is really hard to understand. Democrats ought to be making hay over how Social Security changes are going to impact women – who live longer and have historically earned less – particularly if benefit payments are decoupled from inflation. But they’re not. So you’ve got to wonder: Have Democrats really forgotten that Social Security was once billed as a way to protect widows and orphans? Because, in another sign of complacency from the other side of the poltiical spectrum, it looks as if they have.

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