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Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?


This man writes for The Washington Post. He can’t spell. He really can’t spell. And spellcheck doesnā€™t help. At all.
I am not alone. I have every problem Steve Hendrix has, including the inability to remember the proper order of letters once I’ve looked them up. When I write things by hand, I frequently substitute “p” for “b.” You want to talk frustration? Man. And his editors and my editors ā€“ for years ā€“ have reacted exactly the same way. And they get meaner, too, as time goes on and your spelling doesn’t improve.
But there’s something else worth noting about this piece. It’s a great way to talk about innate differences without being condescending or silly. Dyslexia, for whatever reasons, occurs more frequently in men than in women but Hendrix never makes that point. Instead he talks about his brain functions, how he’s working to overcome his problem without generalizing.
Unlike some people we have already mentioned.
Oh and if you think this is a plea for help with the spelling. You’re right. Bring ‘em on.

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