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An Anniversary


San Francisco City Hall is bathed in red this evening for St. Valentine’s Day. In the dusk – the sun sets just about at the same latitude as the city’s enormous Beaux Arts wedding-cake complex – it almost glows; a sweet, blushing reminded of the history that was made here last year.
It’s impossible to have missed the coverage but, hey, in this modern world anything is possible. So here’s the PoliticsFromLeftToRight archive. This piece received particular notice.

It’s funny but it seems so long ago. You can almost feel attitudes quietly shifting. Looking at the Sunday newspapers’ magazines it was hard to say who was going more out of their way to show the world – that’s the straight world – how terribly boring gay couples can be. And it’s some kind of wacky world we live in that in some circles that’s a compliment.
There was the serviceable piece of reporting in the SF Chron’s Sunday magazine on the Oakland couple and the demands of child rearing. And the NYTimes magazine’s much campier take on Barney’s window designer Simon Doonan’s domestic life. Very sweet. Very “normal.”

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