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So Special


Yet another sign Gov. Schwarzeneger’s redistricting plans are gonna fly: Today’s New York Times where Adam Nagourney says there are battles to change the way Congressional and state legislative districts are drawn almost everywhere. Oh, and Sen. John McCain’s name is in the mix as endorsing Schwarzenegger’s plan. That oughtta seal the deal.
But wait! There’s more.
The San Francisco Chron weighs in and lets everyone wring their hands over the number of initiatives that could join redistricting on the November “special” election ballot. I don’t see what’s so special about this California election. I’m getting used to voting seasonally.
More seriously, it’s unlikely — given the high voter turnout the state has seen in recent elections — that all these measures will quailfy. There are deals to be cut between the governor and the legislature, for starters. And the signature requirement is based on prior turn out; for the presidential election it was about 60 percent.

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