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Run DNC: Dean and Fowler


Well, well, well. Who shows up on the front page of today’s New York Times as the only viable alternative to Howard Dean taking the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee than slow-talking Donnie Fowler?
Now, I’m not going to say “I told you so.” That would be gloating. And I only do that in person. But here and here are some earlier posts on how the race was breaking.
Now, Donnie may not get to be co-chairman with Dean. But I’m not ruling it out. Clearly, the union guys and their buddies the Corporate Democrats are tearing their hair out worrying about the “softs” and the hot-heads like Dean and how they’re going to ruin the party. Fowler can talk to those folks and, unlike other candidates still in the race, he is trusted. With Dean in the top spot, the betwixt and between the unions worried about when the idea of a split chair was first proposed – and shot down by AFCME – is going to exist within the membership, not the chairman’s office. I mean, we could be talking open warfare. No wonder the Republicans are happy.
I’m not entirely sure that would be such a bad thing. Besides, we’ve got a full 10 days until the vote. And this is the Democratic Party we’re talking about. Anything can happen. The AFL-CIO is neutral but no one’s heard from the SIEU. And that Clinton family hasn’t weighed in either. Pounds of flesh can still be extracted.

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