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You Talking to Me?


This being Thursday, I have a column over at eWeek about – ta dah! – blogs. You were wondering when I’d write about myself, weren’t you?
It’s a column about the power that sites – yes, sites like this one – will have as their influence spreads beyond politics. Never fear, I didn’t quote myself. No, I went out on an limb and called a former colleague, Dan Gillmor and got him to tell me about blogs and how important they are.
I didn’t call Dan because I know and like him. Well, not entirely. Gillmor and I were thinking alike on this subject. A few weeks ago, I noticed how Josh Marshall’s readers at TalkingPointsMemo, were “reporting” on how their Congressional Representatives voted on changing House Ethics Rules. A few days ago, Dan wrote on his – Grassroots Journalism blog – about Marshall’s success when the House reversed itself and undid the rules change.
And for those of you out there who know us and our different styles of journalism – I can hear the knowing chuckles — I’d say that me being early and speculative and Dan being a bit later and definitive is typical of our different reporting styles. But that’s what on-line journalism is all about. And that’s a good reason why what I call stand alone journalism should be seen in the same light as Dan’s Grassroots journalism. They are different approachs to an end that, once we get there, will look very similar.
So call this a joint demo. And welcome to our world.

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