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Not Because I Want To


Let’s get this out of the way. I’m on the record as not caring one way or the other if Gavin and Kimblerly Guilfoyle Newsom stay married. Their pending divorce is not unexpected. It’s sad but it has absolutely nothing to do with his ability to do his job.
If anything she had the potential to get in the way and make real trouble. Her political judgement — telling blow job jokes to a gay audience in New York — isn’t very sound. And her ambition — get as much exposure as possible to build an audience for your TV show — was at odds with his.
So TheEx and The Chron are leading today’s papers with the Newsom split. It was even the above-the-fold lede in today’s Chron. Old San Francisco – the over-50 crowd that packed the pews at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral and who The Chron still, mistakenly, thinks runs this town – cares desparatly about the Newsom marriage. So the split beats out Gov. Schwarzenegger’s fire-breathing state-of-the-state speech as the day’s lede for our supposedly regional newspaper. TheEx, they’re a tabloid. This is what they’re supposed to do.
Maybe the Chron’s getting back at Newsom for his comment to the Examiner about the potential for labor unrest at the paper. In other words, we may have a newspaper strike in our future. And you know what, this time around, I’m not sure anyone will notice.
Newsom’s quickie interview with the Ex — and the story about the split — was far more informative and interesting than the huge and boring “Report Card” The Chron ran earlier in the week.

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