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Getting More Than You Pay For


It is time, once again, to remind you reader types that good journalism doesn’t come cheap. It doesn’t come free, either.
As a stand alone journalist – outside the traditional media structure that would collect advertising and subscription revenue and turn it into a salary — I have to turn directly to you folks and ask for your support. There are more almost three times as many of you as there were when Politics From Left to Right first solicited subscriptions, twice as many as there were in July during our last fund drive. Dear reader, you are not alone.

You are the best person to determine the price of your subscription. If you come by daily, $25 is probably in order. If you’re in politics on the local, national or state scene throwing in a few extra bucks on top of the daily reader’s subscription fee won’t kill you. And if you really want this site to stay around, think about buying an advertisement. Or let’s talk about a long-term sponsorship.
Subscriptions can be purchased via PayPal or through Amazon or via good old fashioned check. Here are more payment details. And yes, the glitch with PayPal that many of you complained about last time has been fixed.
For your trouble, we’ll raffle off dinner for two – up to $75 – at the incomparable Incanto right here in San Francisco. Owner Mark Pastore – God love ‘im – is a friend, supporter and subscriber and is happy to help out a like-minded individual.
A disclaimer is also in order at this time: For much of its existence this site was funded by a group of San Francisco political types. In asking me to start this project – one of many I was working on at the time – they also asked that I keep the terms of our agreement confidential. It’s a request I must continue to honor even though that underwriting stipend ended a while ago and the site became less focused on San Francisco municipal affairs and more concerned with national events and political trends.
The underwriting has gone but, sadly, the bills remain. Lawyers, engineers, designers, phone companies, hosting services all help Politics From Left to Right operate as a real business but they want cash, not good will.
So help support smart on-line political commentary, buy a subscription. And tell a friend. Thanks for your support.

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