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Chapel of Love: The Movie


Just in time to commemorate San Francisco’s Love Spring — or Weddingpalooza or Marriage Madness or, most self-importantly of all, the Great Gay Marriage Revolution – Goeff Callan and Mike Shaw have popped up a website previewing their documentary “Rush to the Civil Altar.”
The film isn’t done. It needs a new name, no? But the trailer that’s up at the site (download warning: it’s a huge file) has some nice inside footage and a priceless interview with couples – two older lesbians in particular – talking about just how dull they are. It’s true. Ask anyone in San Francisco. Our gay residents are some of our stodgier couples.

Straight San Francisco didn’t realize there was a revolution going on until we saw people lined up in the rain around City Hall. We kept thinking: Aren’t they already married? We caught up, of course. But our initial cluelessness is probably the best backhanded statement of tolerance you’ll see for a while.
Callan has the ultimate inside track, of course. He married Mayor Gavin Newsom’s sister, Hilary, and had done some work on a documentary about Newsom’s mayoral election. So when people started getting married, he and co-producer Mike Shaw went to City Hall and started shooting film. Now, they’re trying to get the whole thing finished. “The piece is bigger than we are,” he said.
CREDIT: Thanks for Alex Clemens over at Usual Suspects for the link.

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