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Oh, Mr. Chairman….


The DNC Chairmanship race has heated up a bit. Western Democrats gathered in Sacramento on Saturday. Today announced that it’s throwing its fundraising and organizing weight behind Howard Dean’s bid for the job. That raises new questions about what will happen if Dean doesn’t get the party leadership job. Of course, the thought of Dean as DNC chair raises a whole series of questions about how Corporate Democrats will try and stop — or modify — his role.
It’s been an interesting contest for someone sitting between tech and politics and looking at the splits that need to be healed within the party — and fast, dammit — I started thinking about the possibility of a split chairmanship. So I wrote about it for my friends at PersonalDemocracyForum.
If that’s not enough for you, I did a techier version for the nice folks at eWeek. This networking thing us Silicon Valley types like so much is catching on and that’s going to mean changes — eventually — in Washington.

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