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Pledge Drive: The Feel Guilty Version


Okay. Keep it up. Sit on your wallet. Ignore the fact that this increasingly popular website is having a pledge drive.
I know, I know, you think, hey, those other guys will give – they’re richer than me – she’ll get by, Politics From Left to Right will survive.
Guess again.
I am very hopeful this will be the last time I’m going to have to turn to readers and ask directly for your support. The tools needed to keep a business like this one – more sophisticated advertising and investor support – are falling into place. What started as a cutting-edge experiment is gaining strength and power – hell, they’re even having a Harvard conference about blogging and credibility. You’re right if you think the money can’t be far behind.
We are close. But we’re not there yet. And that’s why I need your help.
Expansion and growth cost money. Bandwidth isn’t free. Neither is site maintenance. So pony up. Hit the PayPal button or click the Amazon link. Your brain will thank you.
How much? That’s entirely up to you. But if you’re a regular reader, I’m saying $25. That’s less than I pay each month for my lame-ass daily newspaper, The San Francisco Chronicle.
And don’t forget: Prizes. Dinner at Incanto ($75) or a cool poster commemorating San Francisco’s gay marriage fest for some lucky subscribers.
Thanks. Support details are here, also, for those of you who like more traditional means of payment.

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