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Once George Bush leaves the stage – as he must — there is only one viable Republican national candidate standing: Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.
Don’t think the White House doesn’t know it. And from the looks of things, they don’t like it either.

The steady drum beat that’s defeated Giuliani’s soon-to-be-former friend Bernard Kerik’s nomination for Homeland Security chief has an interesting sub-note. Today’s New York Times carries a series of coulda-shoulda’s throughout. And if you’re interested in the war between moderate Republicans like Giuliani – and yeah, of course he has presidential ambitions, let’s just get that out of the way – and the more conservative wing of the party, it’s worth paying attention. Both political parties – Republicans and Democrats – are engaged in civil war. The Republicans are just being a little slyer about it.
How sly? The Times story, in essence, says that Giuliani, the man who based his political career on fighting Wall Street and fighting the Mafia, should have known his good buddy Bernie hung out with guys who, as they say in the papers “have ties to organized crime.” Talk about your lousy judgment. And Rudy, he’s supposed to be such a smart guy. Who knew?
Yesterday’s Times had a piece saying that Giuliani’s “friendship” – his word, not theirs – with the White House wouldn’t suffer because of the Kerik nomination but, well, if that’s the case then I’ll bet we have a foot of snow here in San Francisco for Christmas.
That’s one part of the agenda. There’s another side, however. This is a White House that doesn’t like to be caught out and it doesn’t like to be embarrassed. Kerik’s illegal and improperly compensated nanny, the mistresses (so that’s where best sellers come from!), the luv shack, the financial shenangigans….and God knows what else those Godless New Yorkers will come up with next, have given Kerik’s nomination an air of, well, an air of sloppy Liberalism. And this White House — this president who seemed so enamoured of Kerik’s “can-do” tough guy routine — can’t have that. So, of course, the mistakes in judgment are Giuliani’s, not Bush’s.
Not pretty, is it?

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