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Run DNC: Where the Boys Are


Mr. Donnie Fowler really seems quite serious about this Democratic National Committee Chairmanship. He’s going to meetings, making phone calls and — at last — has hisself a website talking all about how he’s going to change a donkey into a mule.
The current state of play as reported by my pals over at Blogging of the President who attended the Democratic state chairman’s meeting in Orlando over the weekend has Fowler in fourth place. State party chairs, of course, aren’t the only votes that count so the poll, while good news for some, is hardly the final word on who’s gonna run the Democrats.
I like Fowler. I think he’s smart and tough and he’s plenty angry. If he can win the chairmanship, he’ll have demonstrated to me that he’s got the street smarts to run the party. And certainly he’s a change from what’s been served up by Corporate Democrats for the past eight years: Rich White Banker Guys. Oh, and you webheads who think New Democratic Network CEO Simon Rosenberg is the man for the job: Forget it. For a host of reasons, he can’t win and he won’t win.
But what’s with all the testosterone? The leading candidates to run the party are two white guys, former Democratic candidate Howard Dean and Fowler, and two black guys, former mayors Wellington Webb and Ron Kirk. That’s not exactly a change of face. Democrats lost the election because they didn’t get the votes of married women – of mothers’ – it feels as if they’re gone, gone, gone for a long, long time. This bunch of suits ain’t the crowd that’s gonna bring ‘em back.

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