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Mail Call


Two pieces of email worth noting.
First, Matthew Holt, who edits his own Health Care Blog, writes in to say I’m being too hard on Jesse Jackson. Yeah, well, that was before I saw him – again – last night on Olbermann. Yikes. I’m sticking with my original question.

Holt points out that voter turn-out in this country remains abysmally low and that, rather than potential fraud that’s not going to change the outcome of this election, is probably more worrisome. He also has a handy dandy (oft-repeated warning) about how difficult it is to register to vote here but I’ll spare you that, for now. About 60 percent of all registered eligible voters turned out this year, Holt notes, a record not seen since 1968, another restful political year. In the last election in the U.K., 60 percent of those who could vote did so and it was, says Holt (who provided these links) cause for all-England hand-wringing.
Along those same lines, Don Dwiggins writes in to pretty much join me in writing off the Democratic Party:
The best thing the Democratic Party can do now for the American people is to admit complete bankruptcy of leadership, and dissolve the party; go out of business; go belly up; become an ex-party. Admit formally what’s been true de facto for a while now: politically, the country is now a one-party state.
Let all former Democrats follow their consciences, and make whatever new associations they will. One possible scenario is that the resulting shock would fracture the GOP, since their classical opponent is gone and there’s considerable tension and resentment in the ranks, and the outcome would be a multiplicity of parties, none of which could manage a majority on its own. Might be salutary; an interesting fantasy, anyway.

Interesting and fantasy, indeed. I don’t think anything can shock the GOP. Those guys are tough.

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