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The SacBee sent one of its enterprising reporters to Berkeley to interview “Progressive” heart-throb George Lakoff to hear what a real Lefty “intellectual” sounds like but if you really wanted to hear the voice of Liberal authority, I recommend today’s San Francisco Chronicle.
That’s where San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera talks about why his office is pursuing the city’s right to grant marriage license to same-sex couples. Herrera has already talked the talk and now he’s walking the walk because the San Francisco City Attorney does not have to take this on. He could just stand down. That’s why Herrera’s actions are a refreshing break from what I’m going to start calling Lakoff Liberalism, which is nothing more than talk and fuzzy feel-good thinking.

Herrera’s comments are an even better contrast to the straddle that California Attorney General Bill Lockyer is trying to finesse, defending the state’s constitution while hoping the gay community doesn’t notice. Good luck, Bill. You’re going to need it.
I don’t understand the vogue for Lakoff a man who, like many other lefties won’t call himself a “Liberal” because the word has been tarnished by the Right. So he and the rest of the woolheads have decided on “progressive” out of some sort of wacky belief that all progress is good. Argh!
I say it’s time for some good old fashioned Ann Landers’ advice: Act like a doormat and yup, people will know they can walk all over you. Act scared of the words the right is summoning up to define Liberal causes – and that’s really what we’re talking about – and whattdya know, you’ll be scared of our own strategy.

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