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Donnie Does the DNC


Okay. Donnie Fowler’s officially an official candidate for the DNC Chairmanship and I’m going to slightly revise my opinion about his chances. If this Salon piece is any indication, Howard Dean’s gonna make a big play and try and blow everybody out of the water by making a big speech tomorrow and pre-empting the chairmanship election. I could be wrong, of course, but uh, Tim Grieve’s story has a certain je ne sais curtainraiser about it.
So Fowler is busy pointing out that he’s not only Southern (with the accent and all, y’all) and tech-savvy (Silicon Valley) but also an organizer (buncha presidentials) and has been to church – black churches — and to NASCAR races. I am not making up this lil ‘ole laundry list, neither. Oh, yeah, he’s well-connected, too, to the Clintons and others. Translation: Donnie’s what ya call a good compromise candidate. And you know what? It might work. Might.
Here’s emailing around two pitches both of which are re-printed here after the jump.

Here’s the California media pitch:
Greetings. I hope your holiday season is shaping up well.
As many of you may have heard, I have thrown my hat into the ring for DNC chair and am in it to win it on February 10. After working on four presidential campaigns and on-the-ground in fourteen states since 1987, I have seen what the DNC and the national party has done right and I have also seen how it has failed to adapt to the new politics. After spending six years in the technology world, including three at TechNet in Palo Alto, I also see how the Internet has changed politics and how much more is possible.
The changed political environment runs the gamut from fully embracing the promise of technology to recognizing that the nation is not the one-size-fits-all view that many D.C. practitioners believe to understand that the electorate has changed dramatically from the coalitions of the ’60s and the ’30s.
Take a look at why I am running and what I would do if elected (attachments). There is a large difference of opinion about the race for the DNC beyond the Beltway and inside the Beltway, and the reaction to my candidacy has been somewhat different along those lines. There is a real sentiment for change and devolution of the Party back to the states. Because I have actually worked with many members on the ground, they understand where I come from and I have a great feeling for where the Party needs to go. This is where my greatest assets lay for the contest ahead.
All the best,

* * * * *
Here’s the pitch to Democrats:
December 6-7
I am writing you as a friend and colleague to tell you that I am running for Chair of the Democratic National Committee and to ask for your support and help.
The Democratic National Committee and its nearly 450 shareholder members have a dramatic choice to make when they elect a new Chair on February 10 – continue with more of the same or embrace the new politics while perfecting the old. Democrats have in many ways forgotten that we have a soul and lost the motivation to stand up and fight. I am tired of it and refuse to sit by and let 2006 be another repeat of 2000, 2002, and 2004.
As you know, I have spent my whole life in the Democratic Party,growing up in the 60s and 70s in a newly desegregated South Carolina. At the time, the Democratic Party was the only political party in the South, though the seeds of a great political transition were already planted. As a boy, my sister and I used to travel with my father, a state party chairman, as he visited black churches on Sunday mornings to talk about the changes. Afterwards, we would listen to the NASCAR auto race on the radio while driving back home to Columbia. What seemed normal and natural then now strikes me, as I am sure it strikes you, as unusual or even contradictory. But my experiences gave me a real understanding of the complexities and values of what the Democratic Party is today and how it has gotten here over the last forty years.
My political background has been an extension of those values. I have served the Party in fourteen states on the ground, working for six presidential candidates during four elections (1988, 1996, 2000,
2004). I spent a year in the Clinton White House and have a background in the technology and telecommunications world (the FCC and Silicon Valley) that will help the DNC compete better in the
information age. Though I talk southern, I have had the rare privilege of living and campaigning in every region of our country.
Please take a look at what I have written and let me know what you think. Amanda Crumley, who was Kerry’s deputy state director in Pennsylvania, has (thankfully!) agreed to manage my campaign. Many,
many others have already signed on. Please join the move for a new Democratic Party by making a contribution to pay for plane flights, long distance, and mail. (Use the S.F. address below.) Or let me
know that you have some time to give, no matter where you live. And stay tuned for my website launch … < > … coming soon.
All the best,

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