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A Walk Between Two Shores


Well, Donnie Fowler’s not fooling around.
He’s playing that Silicon Valley card for all its worth, signing up Mr. Moneybags 2004, Mark Gorenberg to help with his race for Democratic National Committee Chairman.
“Go Donnie” is all I gotta say.

Anytime you can get a man who managed to talk Democrats and a fair number of Republicans (which is where Gorenberg used to hang his political hat) out of their hard-earned cash, you’re on the right track. Gorenberg’s proved he’s good at that. Last I looked, he managed to raise more than $30 million for John Kerry. And while I sincerely believe that Gorenberg liked and admired Kerry, we’re now all ready to admit that almost no one else did which makes Gorenberg’s fundraising even more impressive.
There are a bunch of Gore and Wes Clark folks on Fowler’s team, too. So it looks like he really is aiming to be the compromise candidate – the guy who is not Howard Dean and not Corporate Clinton Democrat Harold Ickes. The window for this to actually work is widening, it seems, as the field narrows.
And with this little tidbit – and the faint but strengthening hope that the Democratic Party might actually be run by someone who’s lived someplace besides Washington, New York, Burlington or Boston – I’m going to say “Happy Christmas” and take a break. I have a stack of novels – LeCarre’s latest is on top, Robert Stone’s last is on the bottom – and I’m gonna read ‘em all between now and Monday.
See you next week.

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