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Not a Choice. Not a Chance.


A few weeks ago, eyeballing the leading contenders for chairman of the Democratic National Committee – two white men, two black men — I worried about all the testosterone at the head of the party. Was I right or what?
The pre-Christmas LATimes brings firm word that former Rep. Tim Roemer – yet another white guy who wants the DNC Chairmanship – is saying the Democratic Party should walk away from its stance on abortion. Being pro-choice – protecting women’s legal right to end their pregnancies – should not be a key part of the Democrat’s strategy, Roermer says. What’s worse is that he’s got the support of House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Harry Reid, the party’s Congressional leadership.

First support for same-sex marriage got the boot. Now abortion. If these guys want to become Republicans why the hell don’t they just go and sign up? It’s not like things can get any worse for Democrats, the few left.
This is another sad example of Corporate Democrat thinking. “Let’s get rid of why they hate us, so we can get more votes” they think. Rather than the harder idea: Let’s try and find a way to defend a public policy that helps – yes, it does – folks who need our assistance the most, the poor, the weak, those who have been taken cruel advantage of and treated badly. It’s unprincipled and it walks away from what the Democratic Party is supposed to stand for: Protection of those who can’t help themselves.
A vote for President Bush was not a vote against choice. If those bozos trying to figure out where the party is headed would talk to a real mother instead of political consultants, they’d know that. Abortion needs to stay safe and legal in this country to protect girls who get pregnant because of incest or rape. It needs to stay safe and legal because birth control doesn’t always work and no one should have to bear a child as punishment for a broken piece of latex or a hormonal shift that renders pills ineffective. It needs to stay safe and legal because teenagers are even less perfect than grown-ups and abstinence as a public policy is ridiculous.
Now, I’m no fan of the thinking that got us in this ridiculous situation. It’s typified by the spacey hippie chick who won’t take birth control pills because they aren’t “natural.” She’s convinced they’ll give her cancer, she won’t remember her diaphragm and doesn’t have the spine to make her man get properly prepared. Talk to her about abortion and she’ll whine: It’s my body and I have the right to do with it what I want. It is. So take care of it why don’t you?
Those girls – I went to college with a slew of them – consider abortions (and, yes, that’s plural) rights of passage which is a pretty bizarre attitude to have toward any kind of surgery when you’re worried about the pill being “unnatural.” And it ought not be encouraged. In many cases, what they were really trying to do was get married – or at least committed – to their boyfriends using a modern twist (with guilt) on a time-honored strategy. It’s about as effective as teen-age abstinence in its success rate.
Democrats embraced this wacky logic without thinking and ended up condescending to women by pushing their pro-choice credentials regardless of whether their stand on abortion had anything to do with the office they were seeking. California Controller Steve Westly pointed out that he’s pro-choice during his campaign. Huh? I guess his consultants thought ’cause I”m a chick I’ll go for him even though the job has more to do with public finance than contraception. Westly only just squeaked through to win against conservative Tom McClintock and his bible of fiscal resonsibility.
Now, corporate Democrats have now decided, employing this same sort of reasoning, that their pro-choice approach muddles the issue on adoption, support for single mothers and the like. Well, it doesn’t and it shouldn’t. Single mothers – those who keep their kids, those who don’t – need all the help we can give them. That being pro-choice has replaced that thinking and that needed support is what Democrats – the ones that remain in the party – really ought to start thinking about.
POSTSCRIPT: I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that San Francisco’s own, sort of, Donnie Fowler is the beneficiary of a fundraiser to be held on Thursday, Jan. 6 at Sauce, 131 Gough St., starting at 6 p.m.
If nothing else, perhaps you’d like to stop by and help figure out a way to tell our Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi that she’s got her head someplace where the sun doesn’t shine on Roemer. Contributions for the Fowler fundraiser help Fowler’s campaign for DNC Chairman. The minimum is $50 ($30 if you’re under 30).

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