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Run DNC: Donnie Fowler


Just as Democrats were settling in for a nice pissing match between Howard Dean and Harold Ickes – the boys at DailyKos up against the Clinton Corporate Democrats – along comes lean, mean Democratic fighting machine Donnie Fowler.
Fowler says in an email that he’s a “firm candidate” for leadership. “It’s time to change the party.”

Oh yeah, and his signature line is Dylan Thomas: “Do not go gently into that good night/ Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” Yes, well. I think a little less Democratic anger and a little more good old-fashioned politickin’ would go a lot further – see Marc Cooper on this – but I’m still writing off the Democrats as a national entity right now.
It’s interesting, that Fowler, who grew up in Democratic Party politics, is taking his candidacy public. You wanna measure the subtle influence of the Internet, well this is as good an indication as any. Did anyone know how Democratic Party Chairs were selected until this year? More importantly, did they care? That’s changed, in part because of the loud-mouth activism over at DailyKos. Given the sad shape the party’s in, it’s healthy, too.
A white man with a charming southern accent, Fowler is less divisive than Dean, I’ll give him that. More realistic, too. And well connected: His dad, Don, ran the DNC while Bill Clinton was president. Donnie Fowler also spent a little time in Silicon Valley representing the quasi-Democrats that make up tech’s political leadership. That means he’s well-versed in Progressive libertarian thinking and, just as importantly, he can raise money from folks who aren’t New York investment bankers (Ickes’ backers) or card-carrying members of the Progressive Nostalgia movement (Deaniacs).
If nothing else, Fowler will thwart New Democratic Network President Simon Rosenberg’s attempt to win the job. Rosenberg may say he’s a serious candidate but, well, that’s not true. Rosenberg’s just a younger, poorer Harold Ickes and, on top of that he simply isn’t well liked or trusted enough to win the chairmanship. He knows how to get money out of moderately conservative Democrats and he’s got a good eye for talent – he’s singled out Steve Westly and Gavin Newsom here in California – but he has relatively little organizing experience.
Still, we’ll see just how far Fowler runs. I’m not holding my breath. Bill and Hillary Clinton only need 201 votes to get Ickes elected DNC Chair. And if Bill and Hlilary Clinton can’t find 201 votes, things really have changed and there’ll be a whole more to write about than Donnie Fowler and the DNC.

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