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Watch The Vote


It’s painful to admit but Mickey Kaus is right about the need for a full-on investigative piece about the various rumors about voter fraud and election tampering floating around in Ohio and Florida.
I’m betting Warren County – where they cited ‘homeland security’ and locked down the elections office or all the counties in Florida that were supposed to be heavily Democratic that turned up Republican not to mention all the funny business in Broward – don’t have enough votes to make a difference. This election was close but it wasn’t that close and even if real serious irregularities are found, Ohio and Florida’s state governments aren’t going to hurry to adjust them, are they?
It’s probably worth pointing out that John Kerry conceded to avoid this sort of second-guessing. That’s working about as well as the rest of his campaign strategies, no?
Mickey didn’t assign the story so I will: John Harwood at The WSJ, this is a job for you.

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