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The Week Ahead


Things are busy around here, that’s for sure.
Tomorrow, Election Day, I hope to be posting here and perhaps over at the Personal Democracy Forum, a site devoted to exploring the increasingly familiar, but now somewhat awkward, relationship between technology and politics. Regular readers of this site can expect more grumbling about polls which I consider somewhere between a nuisance and the bane of all reporters’ existences. But my talented colleagues at PDF have lots of other things to say on a broader range of issues. If you’re after the nuts and bolts of how this stuff can work, PDF is worth a visit.
Wednesday morning bright and early – okay, so it’s 10 a.m. PST – I’ll be moderating a panel in Sacramento, “Politics: It’s Beyond Left and Right.” Nice of them to think of me, no? The chat will be part of the California Professional Businesswoman’s Forum at the Sacramento Convention Center and I’ll be chatting with San Francisco D.A. Kamala Harris, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kim Belshe and Secretary of Business, Transportation, and Housing Sunne Wright McPeak. I’m looking forward to this as a way to look at how California politics – and politicians – will affect national politics and policy over the next four years.
Saturday I’ll be in Palo Alto for Dave Winer’s BloggerCon III. This promises to be a pretty interesting event in part because never-shy Winer has timed it for maximum Big Media exposure. My bet is that a lot of traditional reporters will be walking around trying to do the “what blogging meant to the election” story as a curtain-raiser to “why blogs are dead” which is a prequel to “why blog advertising has gone away.” I’ll be the cranky lady in the corner with the BS detector.

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