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Politics From Left to Right is very honored this morning to have received some kind praise.
Professor Jay Rosen over there at the New York University School of Journalism has adopted the phrase “Stand Alone Journalism” and called it “clever.” Now there’s a man who knows the way to my heart.
So it’s official. You’re reading stand alone journalism. (As Prof. Rosen is a real live academic, Iā€™m gonna adopt his punctuation from now on.) This isn’t just important for me; I mean it is but I’ll get over it as soon as some nastygrams come my way.
It’s important because using a new term to describe writing on the web ā€“ writing by folks who do it for a living ā€“ is a step away from this whole process being dominated by technology. It’s a step toward acknowledging that what’s done here has value.
So, thanks Jay. Thanks very much.

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