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Shy, quiet Phil Bronstein – he edits The San Francisco Chronicle – has been popping up on TV lately here in San Francisco in a series of ads devoted to telling area residents how much they need The Chron.
My favorite is where Phil suggests that a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley would read The Chron to find out about a start-up in Novato. If you need a demonstration how little folks in Old San Francisco, (which is really The Chron’s core readership of 300,000 home-delivered newspapers), understand what’s happening around them, this is it. Venture capitalists don’t look for start-ups; start-ups search – night and day, under rocks and stones, through hell and half of Georgia – for venture capitalists. And they use the Internet, and gossip, and connections, and VentureWire, not the paper.
The sardonic fun and opportunity for cheap shots and smart cracks doesn’t stop there. In this week’s AdWeek Phil gives an interview about the ads and his career. Ya gotta read it all the way to the self-serving end where he describes himself as “Middle-aged. Curious. Naive.” How would others describe him? “Amusing. Passionate. Shy,” says Phil.
Really. I am not making this up. Shy. Phil. Now that’s amusing. And, you know, you didn’t read it in the Chron, now did you?
Link courtesy of Romenesko.

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