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Finishing in Style


I believe we can call the past few days around here the triumph of hope over experience. That’s how Dr. Johnson described his second marriage so it’s doubly appropriate.
Make no mistake: John Kerry had to concede. If he had won after all the legal wrangling it would have been a hollow victory. If he had lost it would have been a disaster for the Democrats, one they’d never get over. His horribly inappropriate campaign — this is not a well-liked man — hurt the party, a long, draw-out defeat would have demolished it.

This may be a deeply divided partisan country but it’s divided on President George Bush’s side and on his terms. With a 10-vote margin in the Senate, that’s clear. Democrats are going to have to learn to live with that reality – the reality that in times of change people will usually pick the safe path. And that’s what George Bush offered. John Kerry did not. How Democrats figure this out – without Bill Clinton – is the fight ahead. And it ain’t going to be pretty. I expect to see Hilary Rodham Clinton, Howard Dean, and Al Gore all over the TV this weekend. The infighting is just getting started, the corporals are marshalling their forces.
As I said yesterday, we at Politics From Left to Right will be here for most of it. We hope you will – regardless of party affiliation – be, too.
For right now, I’m going to point you to a few smart words written earlier this year by political consultant Dan Carol. Carol was talking about the Reagan funeral. But his message – be gracious in defeat – is one worth reading again.

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