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Commercial ReRun


Joe Trippi’s in today’s Wall Street Journal chastising the Democratic Party for following the Democratic Leadership Council’s move to the moderate middle. In essence, he says, Dean was right. And, by extension, of course, he was too.

It’s another Trippi bid – as if his book, his speaking appearances and his MSNBC “consultant’s” gig weren’t enough – to become the “voice” of the Internet. And it’s just as tacky and self-serving as if it were James Carville or Paul Begala, two guys who epitomize what should be the subject of Trippi’s critique: A good hard look at Corporate Democrats and their cousins, Big Media. But, sadly, he doesn’t go there. Trippi feeds back to corporate Democrats – particularly the unions – what they want to hear. He talks about on-line fundraising and shoring up union support and talking to young people. Gee. That worked so well this time, no?
Those are – those were – great tactics. But they’re the tactics Democrats used in the 1970s. And they are the tactics being used against the party today. For Big Media and Corporate Democrats, of course, Trippi is new thinking, a fresh voice from outside the Corporate bubble that reminds them of their “roots.” Lots of people are going to follow his advice which, sad to say, is about as creative as the TV ads the Dean campaign ran during the primary. It’s a return to tired and true tactics that have only a minimal connection to the grassroots Internet politics that Trippi loves so much.

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