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WWW.TMI: Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom Edition


The Mayor’s wife gave a speech in New York last week. And being very beautiful and married to a national politician, she got some attention from New York Post’s Page Six It didn’t hurt, of course, that, well, Guilfoyle Newsom answered a few questions that had been on the minds of the mayor’s admirers but aren’t exactly dinner table conversation
Don’t say Rupert Murdoch never did anything for the citizens of San Francisco. Here’s The Post’s report — in full — on what Guilfoyle Newsom had to say for herself and her man.
October 16, 2004 — DEMOCRATS really are more open-minded about sex than Republicans. Take Kimberly Newsom, attractive Court TV anchor wife of handsome San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. When her husband couldn’t make it as scheduled to speak at Thursday night’s Empire State Pride Agenda dinner at the Sheraton, the year’s biggest gay rights fund-raiser, Kimberly filled in for him. She was eloquent and uplifting as she spoke of equality. But she really brought the house down when she talked about her hunky hubby’s anatomy. “I know that many of you wanted to see my husband and some of you had questions out there. Is he hot? Yeah. Is he hung? Yeah. Is he [she waved her hand to suggest bisexual]? Not unless you can give a better [she mimicked eating a banana] than me. Thank you very much.” Then she left the stage to cheers and applause. Unfazed by the bawdy humor were Cate Edwards, daughter of John Edwards, Jim McGreevey, Betsy Gotbaum, Alan Hevesi, and a host of other Democratic politicians — and Mayor Bloomberg.
Like I said, Way Way Way Too Much Information.
UPDATE: Mrs. Newsom dials up The Chron’s Matier and Ross to say The NYPost got it all wrong. She didn’t do that thing with the banana. Sure she didn’t.
Besides talking about your husband’s hidden assets is, uh, is….uh, okay?

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