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Tick Tight Tick Tock: GO SOX


I’m not the only person who thinks Kerry’s going to win.
Bill Clinton does. Ain’t nothing like a winner — a newly sympathetic winner — to predict a victory, no? Over at The New York Times, they’re calling new voters unpredictable. Duh. We knew that.
Two One Brit – who know a thing or two about losing empire and the pain of having to rejigger the social and economic life of a once madly prosperous nation – have moved from the right to the left. Why? Iraq, that’s why.
Andrew Sullivan has endorsed Kerry.
So has Christopher Hitchens.
UPDATE:The folks at Slate screwed up in what can only be described as a desire for water to come to their level. Hitchens is voting for Bush. You can read his correction and some other comments about Osama Bin Laden here.
The Republicans are worried. On top of that, Jeff Jarvis sees signs.
So do I. Swing Lowe, Sweet Chariot. Get those BoSox Home.
Since this site comes to you from Northern California where, well, let’s just say omens are kind of a fluid thing, I would be remiss in not pointing out that the Curse of the Bambino ended on a night that also brings us a total — and if you were out here a beautiful Cosmo’s moon — lunar eclipse. Why is this important? I’ll let the web astrologers explain.

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