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Rock’em, Sock’em Robots: Round Two


Well, John-boy Walton went up against Darth Vadar and both landed punches, both scored points but, again, nobody got their block knocked off. Vice President Dick Cheney didn’t start cursing, although he was flatly rude to Edwards. Democratic nominee John Edwards didn’t blush or stammer although it was pretty funny when he realized moderator Gwen Ifill had given him more time than he was allowed and he, hesitatingly, took advantage of it. You got a clear look at how sharp a thinker he is.

But Cheney sounds more believable than the president when he spouts the administration’s foreign policy rhetoric. He, undoubtedly believes it and, more importantly, he knows why he believes it. You can’t say the same of Presidnt Bush. Edwards is more personable than his running mate and his attacks on the administration were sharp and pointed. But, well this ain’t for the main gig.
Like last week, it was a disappointing contest: when is this campaign ever going to end? When are we going to get the moment we’ve all be waiting for when Americans, sitting in their living rooms watching the news, jump to their feet, applaud, come to their senses about the other guy, and make up their minds about this election?
In the movies, that’s where. And that’s where that sort of stuff belongs. Elections – despite the best efforts of TV producers and pundits everywhere – aren’t popularity contests. They should be – and this year they are – substantive conversations about issues. You wanted an issues-based campaign, you got one. This is the way politics works, folks. This is the gears and pullies; the stuff that matters for political folks, it don’t get no better than this. And if it were easy, hell, anyone could do it. Taken a look at the headlines lately?

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