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New York State of Mind


Comes now The New Yorker to weigh in, evaluate and look at our youthful mayor. This is, by the way, what comes of appearing on Charlie Rose. Same crowd, different media tools. And it speaks well to Mayor Gavin Newsom’s political future as well as his ability to raise money.
The New Yorker piece is their “Letter from California” which should really be called “A Letter From Brooklyn about California” and no, nothing’s available on-line but Usual Suspect-in-Chief Alex Clemens has had a PDF file of the story tucked under a bright red headline. You can go over there, download and read it.
There is one little teeny blooper that might go unnoticed by New York readers. Newsom tells the gentleman from Brooklyn that there was no polling done on “Care Not Cash.” Uh. Not true. There’s was polling. It might not have been done by Newsom or his campaign but it was done ’cause I read ‘em.
UPDATE: Comes now, not a minute too soon, The San Francisco Chronicle to report on the reporter who wrote the Nesom profile. There’s even less here than usually meets the eye in The Chron but if you want a great example of provincial journalism — “They like us, they really like us. They know where we live!” — this is about as good as it gets.

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